Basil Hayden 8 Year old Bourbon American Whiskey 700ml – America

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Basil Hayden 8 Year old Bourbon American Whiskey 700ml – America

$99.00 inc. GST

Aroma: Spice, tea, hint of peppermint

Taste: Spicy, peppery, honey, light-bodied, gentle bite

Finish: Dry, clean, brief

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Bourbon has been a part of American culture since the late 18th century, when poor farmers in Maryland and Pennsylvania began distilling their excess grain crops.

There were many advantages to this – principally, the whiskey was easier to trade and transport than the grain on which it was based. It was also less perishable and easier to keep, as well as improving with age and being more valuable in the bartering-based economy that existed at the time.

With all these advantages, production of whiskey became extremely widespread and following a dispute over taxes levied by the government (culminating in the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794), many of the migrant producers moved south into Kentucky and Tennessee, where they found excellent conditions for production and easy access to transportation by river for their wares. In a short time places like Bardstown and Louisville had flourished into thriving communities of whiskey producers.

Bourbon got its name because customers from New Orleans would ask for the whiskey produced in Bourbon County, which at the time contained many of the major producing towns.

In time, refinements to the process of producing whiskey were introduced. The charring of barrels to produce a richer, sweeter-flavoured spirit is credited to the Reverend Elijah Craig, a colourful minister also credited with opening Kentucky’s first paper mill. The Sour Mash production came later and was invented by Dr James C. Crow.

In each case, the success of the whiskies produced led to the widespread adoption of these new methods and they quickly became standard throughout the industry.

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